The first step in the process of creating a custom album is to decide what kind of an album you are interested in having designed.  There are lots of ideas:
  • Bridal Shower / Bachelorette Party
  • Baby Shower / Expecting
  • Baby's First Year
  • Vacations
  • Heritage / Genealogy
  • All About Me
  • Holidays through the Years
  • School Years / Graduation
  • Birthdays
  • Sports / Dance / Cheerleading, etc.
  • Anniversary Tribute
  • Retirement Tribute
  • - Building a Home / Remodel
  • - Our First Home
  • - Military Service / Veteran
  • - Promote Your Business
Next, you will need to sort and organize your photos.  If you have boxes and boxes of mixed-up, jumbled up photos,  I would be glad to help you get them organized, for a small fee.
Once your photos are all organized, it should be a simple step deciding which ones you would like to incorporate into a custom designed album.
Now you will have to decide what style of album you are interested in and purchase it.  My prices do not include the price of the album.  I can show you some different types of albums that are available - you can even check some out here
So let's get started!  Contact me today!
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